Getting a SSL cert installed on your nginx Ubuntu Digital Ocean droplet


1 min read


I have been out of the game for publishing public facing websites for sometime now and was dreading the awful experience of setting up a SSL cert for my various "fun" apps. I couldn't have been more wrong, this took 5 minutes and was free. I don't have to pay anyone $100 anymore for a lock icon in a browser. Life is freaking awesome!!


Your own domains working without the https. There's some other tutorial s on how to get this setup with nginx, but that's where this begins.

Get to da meat

SSH into your droplet with a sudo account and let's get this show going.

snap install core; snap refresh core # ensure snapd is up to date
snap install --classic certbot #install certbot
ln -s /snap/bin/certbot /usr/bin/certbot # link it
certbot --nginx # run it

If everything's already configured correctly you just need to choose the domains you want to get a SSL cert for. Comma or space delimited or just hit enter for all of them. Being the security conscious minded greedy mofo I am I got all the domains secured.


That was it. Just wow. Welcome to the future everybody.