Thoughts about: Leaving a position VS getting laid off


1 min read

I've worked now for almost 14 years yet have never left a position that I enjoyed willingly. What a difference.

Getting laid off is always hard. For me in the past, I've been one of the last to go. Those around me are angry, and those left over are sad to see their coworkers go. The feelings of animosity towards another as some try to prove that others should go first just sucks. Nothing is fun about it.

Now that I've finally given a two week notice at a job that I really enjoy, with people I enjoy being around the differences are pretty striking. Everyone is joking about me being a traitor, congratulating me on my new position, and the team is wanting to take me out for a farewell lunch. This all proves that I chose a great place to work, and am a little sad to leave it behind.

It makes me think that next time lay offs are in my future, maybe I'll start looking right away. Perhaps get a nice send off instead of waiting till the time when it is my turn.