If you are not vetting your recruiters, GOOD LUCK


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I understand keeping the bottom line low. What I don't understand is that you are trying to find a highly professional people, probably on a deadline, and you want the best that there is. At least, that's what I would think. You're willing to spending past 100k for that person every year but you are skimping on getting them in the position? WTAF.

Here's how a typical offshore phone call goes.

Phone call

Hi is this Will?

Sure is!

Hi do you have experience with .NET?

Let me check the resume that I sent you. It was plastered all over this thing. 20 years been doing this. Did you happen to read it? Maybe even just glance at it?

Or .NET Core then?

That's right there as well.

Ok perfect. So how much experience do you have migrating from .NET to .NET Core?

Sure do, I've migrated a few projects over. Was pretty harmless really. I think the biggest project we had took about a week to get converted over.

Very cool. So how many years would you say you have migrating from .NET to .NET Core?

Excuse me? Years? That was just a bump in the road for me. I have 0 years experience I guess? Maybe put 5? I'm confused. What was the position for again? I thought this was a programming job.

Yes, yes. Very heavy coding. Do you think you could modify your resume to show how many years you've had migrating your projects from .NET to .NET Core?

Sure. (Yeah, no. WTF. I'm not lying on my resume and making it look like a newb just for you)

Ok where are you located? Can I have your social security number? Why are you looking for a change? Can I have your references?

Did you not look at the website I sent to you that should tell you all of that information and more? I'm getting 20-30 calls a day at the moment and 60 emails I don't have the time or inclination to answer your list of FAQs.


Yeah, that's there too. Sigh. I'm gonna go now. Thanks for wasting my time.

Shit's changing folks

I wish this was a rare conversation. It isn't. I'd say probably 90%. I've gotten jaded. It's annoying. It smacks me in the face about how lazy most of the recruiters are. I'm hanging up on people, not calling them back. Good riddance! Hahah.

A record number of people are quitting their jobs since April, 2021. If those people are quitting and moving on and you need to hire new folks - what kind of desperate people do you think these recruiters are going to find? It isn't top talent, that's for damn sure.

This make me want to make an app that allows you to find recruiters that a) give a shit b) care just a bit about finding you a job and c) might actually get you that job you really want. Because holy crap this system is broken.

The other application that would be great would be something that allows a recruiter to read through a persons FAQ, output it to a word doc table and enter their details in order for you to slot a time in when it was good for you to call them back. Even let them leave a little voice mail on the website for you or something. Because holy crap this system is broken.