Getting a custom domain working with Hashnode and Digital Ocean


1 min read

Didn't see anything in Hashnode's official docs about setting up a custom domain with Digital Ocean so I thought I'd share how it's done. Holy crap it is easy, we have come a long long way because this used to be such a chore. Anyhoo...

Sign into your DigitalOcean account

From there on the menu on the side click on "Networking" and then domains. I already have a domain setup so I want to setup a sub domain that it will point to. Whatever domain you want to setup though will work.

Click on the Domains tab. Select your domain. Click on the CNAME tab. Under hostname put your domain Ex: Then under is an alias of put Hit the Create Record button.

And done! Seriously can't believe it was that easy, and is free 99 (aka free :)).

2021-05-07 17_13_35-.png